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Historic Lites Garage Doors

By Joe Carlson

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Garage doors are typically the most overlooked and under appreciated element of all homes today. They are often thought of as nothing more than an operable wall behind which to conceal our belongings. Yet in some cases, the garage door represents thirty to forty percent of the home’s front elevation.

So wouldn’t it be nice to harmonize the home, showcasing how different parts of the house tie into other elements to help preserve the architectural style, historic value and beauty of the home?  If this is the case for your home, Historic Lites may be the right choice for you.

Ask yourself:

- Do you have a particular design element throughout the home?

- Is the designer tying to characterize the house with a unique pattern in the window detail?

Historic Lites will provide you with the option to create unique beauty with a greatly expanded glass area.  Our customized door and hardware designs will allow a top section of up to 50 inches tall, giving unlimited glass feature design flexibility.

Historic Lites can enhance the Architectural Harmony of your home’s facade by matching lite patterns with windows and doors that already exist on your home. Finally, Historic Lites add character to the home with a decorative glass options, including leaded, beveled, and a variety of other decorative glasses. If you are interested in learning more about Historic Lites, or any of our product lines, contact us today! You can also view more examples in our online Gallery.

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