July 2014
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Surviving the Storm

Designer Doors wood doors stand up to the forces of nature

Surviving the Storm

–by Mary Ayala

When Hurricane Sandy hit the northeast coast of the United States last fall, the area was devastated.  The surge drove sand several miles inland and our thoughts went out to the customers we have on the Jersey Shore as well [...]

Wood is Good

Builders and homeowners looking for both quality and value for their homes should look no further than wood garage and entry doors. Why does wood offer a great value?

Nothing can replace the true beauty of wood, thus increasing the value of a home
Steel doors dent easily and are difficult and/or expensive to [...]

A Very Unique Project

by Jeff Van Horne

The owner’s goal was to create the look of casement windows in her garage doors.  We were tasked  with matching the muntin bars profiles from her existing windows and replicating her shutters.  The doors included 3 dimensional trim, a faux astragal, brickmould, a window sill and shutter dogs.

It was [...]

Historic Lites Garage Doors

By Joe Carlson

Garage doors are typically the most overlooked and under appreciated element of all homes today. They are often thought of as nothing more than an operable wall behind which to conceal our belongings. Yet in some cases, the garage door represents thirty to forty percent of the home’s front elevation.

So wouldn’t it be [...]

All About Azek

–By Kyle Cegielski

Homeowners, builders and architects who love the look of wood garage, entry and service doors but require an alternative, weather-resistant solution can now rely on our Azek product to meet their needs. While wood products are often preferred simply for their natural appearance, Azek offers an excellent wood look without the maintenance and [...]

Sliding and Folding Doors

By: Paul Goudreault

Whether you are trying to replicate a historical feature or just looking for a more unique solution, consider sliding or folding doors.  These doors are easy to operate and allow for the flexibility that a conventional garage or swing door does not.

Sliding doors are often used to secure and cover openings or windows [...]

Moisture Control Wood Garage Door's number one concern

drip cap before and after

Moisture is the number one element that can destroy any wood product.  We incorporate several details into the construction of our doors to prevent moisture damage.  We use a patented design drip cap to cause water to run off the door.  The drip cap is a board with a 45 degree bevel recessed into the [...]

Let's Learn About Wood Rot

Ohio State University recently released a fact sheet on wood rot and how it can account for 10% of wood production annually in the United States. You can read it here: OSU Wood Rot Fact Sheet. 

Designer Doors is certainly aware of this and do our part to keep our wood products looking [...]